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Sophie Personne Relationship Expert NLPSo who am I?

Some people find it quite difficult to write about themselves. What do you say and where do you start? And my answer always is ‘from the beginning’ so let’s go with that…

My name is Sophie Personne and I was born in France. I moved to the UK in 1999 to study International Relations & Politics at Portsmouth University. My early career was in the security industry and I actually thoroughly enjoyed myself at work until the corporate world became a bit too ‘corporate’…

The opportunity of redundancy came up in 2012 and I have never looked back. I started working for myself and set up events for single professionals on the South Coast. I soon realised that a lot of people actually aren’t psychologically ready to be dating and decided it would be better to help them on their journey so I did just that.

Along the way, I started to attract people with different types of relationship issues, such as marriage problems or difficulties with family members, as well as people battling their own personal struggles.

So why am I different?

Sophie Personne Relationship Expert NLP

Probably because of my own journey and life experience.

I found in my previous working life that most people would at some point come to me for advice. Being the only woman in an environment full of testosterone gave me a real insight into the male psyche and taught me invaluable lessons.

Training in NLP, and especially putting all the concepts into practice, changed my life. I am privileged to have worked with many different people over the years, each and every one of them as well as their own experiences, contributing to my wealth of knowledge and understanding.

In 2015, I suffered a nervous break-down. I refused medication and decided I would use my own techniques to get better. This was undoubtedly the darkest hour of my life but in a funny kind of way, I am actually very grateful it happened. I certainly wouldn’t want to go back through it in a hurry, but it has quite literally made me the person I am today and changed my outlook on many different things.

2017 was the next challenge… Possibly the most difficult year in personal terms but I have little doubt that the lessons learnt along the way will allow me to help others in ways I hadn’t imagined.

So how can I help you?

Sophie Personne Relationship Expert NLPMy aim is to inspire and improve people’s lives so if you want positive change, I can help you to help yourself and be more fulfilled. However, you will need to be prepared to learn and do what it takes, but more importantly take responsibility for your own life and happiness.

I will help you identify the root cause of the problems as it isn’t always as obvious as we may think and work with you through the change process.

Accepting help is often the first step of the process and probably the hardest. We all need a little support at times to push us in the right direction and eventually get the results that we want so much.

This video was recorded as part of a ‘Presentation Skills’ course I attended in March 2016. It came from the heart, so I decided to share it raw.


Want to know more?

It’s good to talk so let’s have a chat and together, we can identify how to get you where you want to be. Just click below to book a time and I look forward to discovering how I can help you on your journey.

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