When It Happens, Then I Will Be Happy…

Many of us live life waiting for something to happen. We have this unfounded idea that everything will be better once something happens and unfortunately, despite the fact this might […]

When is it going to happen…???

At certain points in our lives, we find ourselves wishing things were different or we badly want something to happen. We care about that an awful lot so we try […]

Living with Regrets – Can You Move On?

I think it’s fair to say that we can all at times wish that we had done certain things differently but living with regrets is not the same. Real regrets […]

How to Deal with Rejection

One of the things that we all really want, is for our relationships to be long-lasting, happy and fulfilling, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way and conflicts occur. […]

Do You Like Being in Control?

A lot of people like and seek control, some would even describe themselves as control freaks… Control is a deeply engrained behaviour within us because it makes us feel safe. […]

Is Your Life As You Expected It To Be?

Reaching certain milestones will most certainly make us think and look at our lives, checking in as to whether or not it has turned out as we expected it to. […]

How To Understand Negative Emotions

Many of us are regularly told to be more positive and to refrain from negativity. Whilst I totally agree that negative thoughts are damaging, I strongly believe that we shouldn’t […]

How To Be More Resilient

We all go through tough times in our lives. Unfortunately, we have to experience the bad to be able to appreciate the good. Difficult times are very personal to us […]


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