How Sophie Can Help

Let's Write Your Love Story Together – With a Little Help from Me, Sophie

Is this journey right for you? Let’s see…

  • Ready For Change But Not Sure Where To Start? You’re eager for a shift in your love life but unsure of the next steps.
  • Wondering Where You’re Going Wrong With Dating? Ever feel like you’re trying EVERYTHING for love – from tarot readings to healing crystals or trying to manifest the one – but still can’t figure it out?
  • Sick Of Quick Swipes & Short-Lived Flings? In a world of quick swipes and fleeting connections, you’re looking for something genuine.
  • Wondering If This Is As Good As It Gets? Absolutely not. There’s more to life and you deserve to experience it all – love, laughter and someone who gets you, really gets you.
  • In A Relationship But Feeling Unfulfilled? When being with someone still leaves you longing for more, it might be time to re-evaluate your relationship.

Here's What You Can Expect With My Help

break free with coaching by Sophie Personne

  • Clear Direction for Your Love Journey – Not sure where to begin? I’ll give you a clear and easy-to-follow plan where we map out each step together. 
  • Release Your Emotional Baggage – We’ll work through to let go of those past heartaches. You will feel a weight lifted and ready to welcome new love with open arms.
  • Decode Your Dating Dilemmas – I’ll pinpoint the mistakes and beliefs holding you back then guide you with strategies that click with your personality.
  • Figure Out Your Relationship – Current relationship isn’t making you happy? We’ll look at it together and see if it is time to bring back the spark or move on.

Here is how Sophie helped others

Carole Sears
Carole Sears
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Having read Sophie’s book I made contact with her hoping for a little extra information. I had been struggling to form any lasting relationship over more than 2 years and had a strained relationship with my own mother. I had a series of meetings with Sophie and she also set me some very useful homework. Sophie helped me to look at and understand the things that were holding me back. Towards the end of my sessions with Sophie I met the man I am now with and we have formed a loving and happy relationship. I am sure that this could not have happened without the valuable help I received. Thank you Sophie.
Cathy Nailer
Cathy Nailer
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Sophie has achieved wonders with our son. He has had a long history of anxiety and other health issues. He has been unable really to leave the house, go to school or elsewhere without feeling sick and very anxious. We have tried a number of organisations and techniques to help him and while they have helped considerably they didn’t seem to help completely. Having spent some time with Sophie he is a changed person. He is more confident at speaking to others face to face and can, for example, order food confidently at a restaurant and then eat the food out and stay away from home and enjoy himself doing these things. He has recently started his own business and this has meant speaking in front of a room of people and presenting his business face to face to others. None of this was even remotely possible before he met Sophie and was helped by her. She has somehow been able to help with the root cause of his many problems and heal these. He is now ready to continue with the rest of his life and we are confident he will go from strength to strength..
James Lambert
James Lambert
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Whilst I am a confident person at work or in social environments, I wasn’t so sure of myself around women, especially if I felt there was something about them I liked and would have wanted to know them better. I was not attracting the right kind of potential partners and didn’t know how to go about changing the patterns. I worked with Sophie who coached me for a little while. Thanks to her, my confidence gradually improved and I did not find it as difficult to be myself around the opposite sex. I had the right frame of mind to meet the right woman and I did! I have now been happily married for a few years. I am so grateful to Sophie as her coaching changed my life forever and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling but serious about finding the right partner.
Pete Daly
Pete Daly
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For many years, I had been trapped in a ‘vicious circle’ of fear, avoidance, low self esteem and lack of confidence. When it came to dating, I could not even bring myself to ask anyone out. Since working with Sophie, I can only reflect that it has been one of the most satisfying and rewarding things I have ever done in my entire life. I have gained enormously from the experience, helping me find the answers I was looking for, to an issue that had dominated my life for a very long time. I would recommend Sophie to anyone who finds themselves in the same (or a similar) situation to mine. Sophie is fantastic at helping you in a way that builds confidence, is completely supportive and understanding and gives you that crucial feeling of trust that you can discuss your innermost thoughts openly, honestly and in confidence. A fantastic job! Thank you Sophie!

So What’s Different About Your Approach, Sophie?

coaching with sophieWhile traditional coaching often focuses on where you’re heading, I like to start where you’ve been.

HERE’S WHY – I believe the key to your future love success lies in understanding your past.

We’ll explore your history to unlock the answers you need to move forward. My coaching approach involves:

  • Healing From Within – Our hearts can carry wounds from past experiences. I’m here to help you gently heal these scars, to understand and let go of past hurts.
  • Empowering Self-Understanding – It’s all about knowing yourself first. Once you do, understanding others becomes much simpler.
  • Clearing The Path Of Love – We all face roadblocks in our love lives – those hurdles that seem to keep us from moving forward. Together, we’ll identify them and use strategies to clear them away.
  • Beyond Coaching – A Therapeutic Touch – My clients have said my coaching gives clarity and peace. It’s because we dive deep, addressing not just the surface issues but the underlying currents that shape your emotional world.

Got More Questions?

Why not grab a virtual coffee with me? (No strings attached)

We can have a relaxed chat about where you’re at and where you’d love to be in your love life. Click below to pick a time that suits you. I’m genuinely excited to hear your story and explore the ways I can help light up your path to love.


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