Does any of this resonate with you?

could you do with improving your relationship
  • I can never get it right
  • Never listens to me
  • Why do I always have to be the one who makes the effort???
  • I’m not happy with the way things are but I don’t know how to change them
  • Just doesn’t realise what I do!
  • Takes me for granted
  • It’s like talking to a brick wall…
  • Is that all there is to life?

Unfortunately, once we have settled down, life and routine often take over, meaning that we may not make as much of an effort with each other as we used to. I hear you say ‘It’s normal though, isn’t it?’… And yes, it can be normal but that certainly doesn’t make it right and doesn’t mean that you can’t change it.

And is this what you want?

  • Sorting your differences out
  • Less arguments
  • Learning to communicate in a constructive way that gets through to your partner
  • Being able to talk without fears, feeling listened to and understood
  • Learning how to navigate the ups and downs of life
  • Rekindling the flame
  • Being happy again, in a healthy and fulfilling relationship that is satisfying for both

You might have tried all sorts of things to make it happen and failed, so how can I offer you the reassurance that it’ll work this time? Simply because I deal with the root causes, what you unconsciously do and think, the self-fulfilling prophecies, self-limiting beliefs and assumptions you both put on yourselves without knowing it.

Even if you can’t quite see how this can be achieved, there are only 2 pre-requisites:

  • You wholeheartedly want it to happen
  • You commit to do the work I ask you to

Want to know more?

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