The Course to Change

If you have been struggling with making permanent change in your life (or keeping New Year resolutions for instance), then this programme was made for you. When you slip into overwhelm and start procrastinating, nothing positive ever happens…

The truth is that the one thing we want to change is more often than not quite simply one of the symptoms of a far deeper issue.

Successful Dating

successful dating online programme

If you are single and serious about meeting someone but not getting anywhere, then this programme was made for you.

When we start dating, we think that it surely can’t be that difficult to find a good match but for most people, it actually is. We then start to question where we might be going wrong, whether we should change from one dating site to another, try singles events or generally scratch our heads in bewilderment as to why it is that complicated… The issue is that what we are not actually addressing the real problem.