Why I decided to write 'Your other half'

'Your Other Half' by Sophie PersonneRelationships can be complicated and the stats are frightening:

•    According to the ONS, nearly 40% of the population was single in 2015 and 42% of marriages now end in divorce.
•    In May 2016, 1/5 of UK couples were close to breaking up (Source – BBC News)

It really doesn’t have to be this way but… In a world where we are more connected than we have ever been, we are also probably the loneliest we have ever been. We can watch people’s lives unfold through social media and compare them to our own, often left with a feeling of inadequacy.

Singletons struggle to meet their significant others whilst for some, being in a relationship isn’t as fulfilling as they would have hoped it to be. They feel stuck in a rut and misunderstood as life and routine slowly takes over and wish things could be different.

We all look to find reasons and answers to make our lives better, trying miracle cure after miracle cure, failing miserably and repeating the same mistakes.

I decided to write this book as it is an affordable way to start looking at your relationships (or lack of) and really can help you. It will take you through understanding where the deep root causes lay, unlocking the answers and sending you on your way to happiness and fulfilment by teaching you simple methods that can be easily applied.

This is what some of our readers had to say

‘I loved it! Not only is it a good read, it makes so much sense. Why haven’t I seen this stuff before!’Cindy Coe

‘I really enjoyed your writing style which I found to be conversational and relaxed, yet professional. It felt to me that through your words you were talking to me like you would a client. I therefore found it easier to read and relate to which was important as some of the content contained some tough messages and truths. As you can tell this really resonated with me, because what you wrote impacted and influenced me personally, making me think differently about how I view the world around me.

In my view, anyone reading this book who has current relationship issues or wants explanation to past relationship difficulties, will begin to find the means to deal with them through your book.’ Philip Gale

‘I could actually discuss your book with you all day, because I love all this psychology stuff.  Well done. Good job.  I enjoyed the book, it was thought provoking and I think it will help people.Michelle Pentland

Coming end 2023

'Breaking Free' by Sophie PersonneI have attempted to write this second book for about 3 years now but every single time I either had the time or the inspiration, something beyond my control happened… Then I did produce something but I wasn’t happy with it.

I plan to write/ rewrite it in August 2023 with a view to have it ready for Christmas. Fingers crossed it will happen this time!


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