'Your Other Half' by Sophie Personne

I wrote ‘Your Other Half’ because I saw a gap in how we talk about and understand relationships in our modern hyper-connected world. Here’s what struck me:

  • A Growing Single Population – As of 2015, nearly 40% of people were single (ONS Stats).
  • Marriages Facing More Challenges – 42% of marriages now end in divorce.
  • Couples on the Brink – In 2016, 1 in 5 UK couples were close to breaking up (BBC News).

In ‘Your Other Half’, I invite you to explore the often unspoken realities of modern love:

  • For the Singles – It’s not just about finding someone. It’s about the quest for a real, meaningful and long-lasting connection in a world where depth is often overshadowed.
  • For the Committed – Beyond the comfort of long-term relationships lies the challenge of keeping the spark alive and to continue the journey together rather in separate directions. Rediscover the joy and excitement that may have faded into routine.

I’ve crafted this book to offer you:

  • Insights That Resonate – Understand the deeper reasons why relationships may feel unfulfilling or disconnected.
  • Strategies You Can Use – Practical, realistic advice that fits into your daily life.
  • A Broader Perspective on Relationships – A journey towards personal growth, self-awareness and a richer understanding of relationships beyond the surface.

Coming soon....

'Breaking Free' by Sophie Personne

‘Breaking Free’ has been a labour of love and perseverance. For about 3 years, the universe seemed to conspire against its creation – every time inspiration struck or time opened up, unexpected challenges arose.

Now, with renewed energy and clarity, I’m determined to dedicate some time in 2024 to rewrite and refine ‘Breaking Free’. My goal? To have it in your hands as soon as possible… So, here’s to hoping that this time, the stars align for its completion!


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