Are You Falling for the Wrong Ones Over and Over?
Find Out Why You're Drawn to the Wrong People: Learn to Choose Partners Who Are Right For You - Not Just Fill Your Calendar.
Are You Too Picky or Just Haven't Met 'The Right One'?
Discover What's REALLY Holding You Back!

Break-Free from the Endless Swiping and Disappointments to Embrace the Loving, Fulfilling Relationship You Truly Deserve.

It's Friday Night Again…

You're sitting on the couch with a glass of wine, with only the glow of your phone for company.

It’s a scene too familiar – you, scrolling through dating apps, feeling that tug of loneliness. 

Each swipe feels like a leap of hope, but it lands you back in the same spot.

You’ve been here before, haven’t you? 

Attracting the wrong kind of people or perhaps, no one at all. 

It’s frustrating and deep down, you start to wonder… ‘Is it just me?’

Remember your recent dates? 

Like the person who looked NOTHING like their photo or the one who kept talking about their ex. 

Sure, you can joke about these dates but deep down you start to ask yourself… Why can’t I find someone who REALLY GETS ME?’

You’re not even chasing an unrealistic fairytale!! 

You’re looking for something genuine – a partner who sees YOU, understands YOU and shares your values.

But the path there seems clouded with uncertainty. 

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You've been doing EVERYTHING you can to find love…

You’ve jumped from app to app, hoping the next swipe might be ‘THE ONE’. 

You’ve even tried your hand at speed dating, seeking that in-person spark that seems to be missing online.

You’ve turned to every source out there for guidance, reading books, watching video after video, each promising the secret to lasting love…

In moments of optimism, you’ve stayed positive, visualizing the perfect partner and perhaps even tried ‘woo-woo’ stuff, hoping to draw your soulmate into your life.

Despite all this, you’re still stuck in the same place. 

Your heart's desire – that special someone – seems as far away as ever.

Here’s the truth...

It’s NOT about the methods you use to meet people.

The real challenge is understanding YOUR OWN PATTERNS…

Why you choose the people you do and what you’re really looking for in a partner.

Think about the people you’ve dated.

Are there common traits or patterns emerging? 

Maybe it’s choosing partners based on immediate chemistry rather than long-term  compatibility…

Or perhaps you find yourself drawn to the same personality types, the ones that haven’t worked out in the past.

Understanding these patterns is CRUCIAL. 


This Is Where Real Change Begins…

By recognising and understanding your own dating behaviours, you have the power to gain control over them. 

You can start to make the choices that align more closely with your true relationship goals.


You’re no longer sinking hours into dating sites with no results. Instead, you’re spending your time more wisely and in ways that truly enrich your life.

You’re attracting the kind of dates that excite you, the ones that align with who you are and what you value in a relationship.

You finally meet the right person for you – someone who understands you, appreciates you and shares your vision for the future.

You’re in a happy and healthy relationship that’s built on mutual respect, deep connection and genuine affection – a relationship that’s meant to last.

You feel deeply loved and wanted, no longer questioning your self-worth or if you’re deserving of such happiness.

You’re experiencing the purest form of happiness that you’ve always dreamed of in your love life.

That’s exactly where I can help you get there. 

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Successful Dating Online Programme - 8 Weeks To Your Perfect Partner & Relationship

A course designed to flip your dating life is JUST 8 WEEKS…

This is NOT just about tweaking your dating profile or rehearsing conversation starters. 

It’s about a transformative journey that touches the very core of your approach to relationships.

Here’s What Will Happen in These 8 Life-Changing Weeks:

Week 1 - Embracing Happiness in Singleness & Beyond

Learn the art of being content whilst single & discover where to meet like-minded people outside the online world. Master the right mindset for stepping into the dating scene.

Week 2 - Healing from the Past

Unpack & release your emotional baggage. Gain tools & insights to move past old hurts and prepare yourself for a healthier & happier romantic future.

Week 3 - Building Emotional Resilience

Master techniques to safeguard your emotional health and rebuild trust. Sharpen your intuition to make wiser and more fulfilling dating choices.

Week 4 - Navigating the Dating Process

Explore the A-to-Z of dating with a clear-eyed view. Set yourself and your future partner up for success with expectations that lead to happier relationships.

Week 5 - Become the Master of Online Dating

Craft a magnetic online profile that pulls in the right kind of attention. Navigate the digital dating world like a pro, sidestepping common traps that lead many astray.

Week 6 - Break Free from Dating Deja-Vu

Identify recurring negative patterns in your dating life and learn how to break them for good. Gain the clarity to set intentions that align with your true desires in a partner.

Week 7 - Shatter the Barriers of Self-Doubt

Uncover and dismantle the self-defeating thoughts that hold you back in love. Build unshakeable confidence that opens doors to deeper connections.

Week 8 - Master the Language of Love

Learn how to communicate your needs effectively & read the unspoken cues in relationships. Transform your communication skills into a tool for creating more meaningful & lasting connections.

Think about it… Personal coaching sessions in the dating & relationship field can easily cost upwards of £400 per hour. 

With over 8 hours of specialized content plus a wealth of additional resources in the Successful Dating Online Programme, it could easily be priced at £1500. 


The Successful Dating Online Programme is offered at JUST £199, a small investment when you consider the alternative costs and its lasting impact.


Because you watched my free webinar, I’m also giving you a free 30 minute session with me worth over £200!!! It’s a unique opportunity and your love life is NOT a one-size-fits-all situation. You deserve advice that fits your story, your challenges.

For less than the price of a few fancy meals out or the latest tech gadget, you’re investing in something that will profoundly transform your love life forever and permanently.

What You'll Gain Far Exceeds the Price

This includes:

  • Over 8 hours of comprehensive video content.
  • Practical action plans and worksheets for each module.
  • Additional resources and materials to deepen your understanding and keep you focused.
  • AND a free 30 minute session with me worth over £200!!!

Weigh the Cost Against Your Future…

  • The Emotional Cost – Without the right guidance, you might continue the cycle of unfulfilling relationships, which can be emotionally draining and disheartening.
  • The Time Cost – Time is precious. The longer you stay in the cycle of unsuccessful dating, the more time you spend away from a loving and fulfilling relationship.

Your Future in Love Awaits…

This is your chance to make a defining choice for your romantic future. For less than the cost of short-term luxuries, you can secure a lifetime of love and happiness. 

Isn’t that worth the investment?

'Love It or Your Money Back' Guarantee

Embarking on this journey is a big step, and I want you to feel confident and secure in your decision. That’s why the Successful Dating Online Programme comes with a straightforward promise: If you don’t find value in the program within the first 30 days, I’ll refund your investment in full, no questions asked.

Still Thinking It Over?

To learn more or chat about whether this program is right for you, [Get in Touch] or book a free discovery call.


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