The Boxing Day Blues & How to Deal with It

How will you wake up feeling on Boxing Day? Hungover and sluggish? Bloated from all the rich food you ate the day before and in the lead up to Christmas?

Boxing Day is typically the day where people start reflecting on their lives. Whether this is due to all the hype leading up to the ‘big day’ (and how much of a let down it can be) or the poor nutrition, high level of alcohol intake and lack of sleep through December, the feeling is unfortunately there… And sometimes even worse if you are single.

Whether you had a good or a bad time on Christmas Day, you may look back and wonder if there will be a special someone by your side next year or if you are just destined to just padded to death by the cat who doesn’t care and needs feeding for the rest of your days.

So to distract yourself, you might join in the frenzy of the Boxing Day sales… and that will take your mind off things for a while… Man or woman, there are just so many bargains to be had!

There is nothing wrong with trying to find a distraction to escape your thoughts but you need to address the underlying issues. Christmas can actually be a very lonely time of year… and sometimes, being around others will only make you feel even more alone.

In this age of social media where people can pretend their lives are perfect and play happy families for the world to see, even the most positive will at times think their own lives are less than adequate.

It doesn’t need to be the case.  Reflection is good and not everything in your life will be bad. So look at what is good and makes you happy. Then start thinking about the changes you need to be even happier. Once that’s done, design your plan of attack – what do you need to do to make it happen and how will you go about it?

This will take you a few days but you will subsequently be ready for the New Year… so go and get them! 🙂

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