testimonial Sophie Personne anxietySophie has achieved wonders with our son. He has had a long history of anxiety and other health issues. He has been unable really to leave the house, go to school or elsewhere without feeling sick and very anxious. We have tried a number of organisations and techniques to help him and while they have helped considerably they didn’t seem to help completely.

Having spent some time with Sophie he is a changed person. He is more confident at speaking to others face to face and can,  for example,  order food confidently at a restaurant and then eat the food out and stay away from home and enjoy himself doing these things.

He has recently started his own business and this has meant speaking in front of a room of people and presenting his business face to face to others.

None of this was even remotely possible before he met Sophie and was helped by her. She has somehow been able to help with the root cause of his many problems and heal these. He is now ready to continue with the rest of his life and we are confident he will go from strength to strength.

Cathy Nailer

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