testimonial sophie personneWhen I first approached Sophie around NLP sessions, I had been through a lot of personal upheaval and change, new home, new area, new job, as well as health issues that had left me awaiting an operation and on medication which was mentally bringing me further down. I had got to a place in my life where I felt low and lacked confidence, yet I knew things had to change.

Through our sessions Sophie has helped me to rediscover my purpose, and to understand how and why things have happened in the way they have. I have grown in self-confidence, and in turn this has helped me to move forwards. I’m more positive about life and now making new friends and doing things I would never have imagined as I saw them as out of my comfort zone. I am even rationalising with myself…which is fantastic.

I know I will need maintenance sessions to keep up the good work and progress, and that’s my choice, but I would never have been in such a good space without Sophie.

I could write pages, but I would encourage anyone to give it a go, with an open mind, and just see….

Kerry S.

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It’s good to talk so let’s have a chat and together, we can identify how to get you where you want to be. Just click below to book a time and I look forward to discovering how I can help you on your journey.

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