Do Holiday Romances Ever Last?

Do holiday romances ever last?A lot of people feel that holiday romances are a bit of fun and good for the soul. They are often unexpected because of their very nature, but it’s nice to feel wanted and to share something special with someone new in a different environment. There is also often a secret hope that it could just be the beginning of something wonderful and meaningful…

So do holiday romances have a future?

Some definitely have more chances than others but there are a few things to bear in mind.

First of all (and to get this one out of the way…), be aware of scammers. You do need to keep your wits about you and if someone is half your age, promising their undying love and wanting to marry you within a week, with all due respect (and I’m sure you are worth it) but it is likely to be too good to be true and it might be worth questioning their motives.

You also need to remember that it’s easier to fall in love on holiday. You are probably looking your best, in a good mood and the setting will be nice and relaxing, most likely sunny, you are more relaxed and probably also more open to talking to strangers (which you probably would not do as much back home).

Now these little warnings are out of the way, one of the things you should remember is that, in the same way as you should for any other new relationship, you should take it easy, lower your expectations and just enjoy the moment, and if you are to carry on with the relationship once you have both got home, there are a few things that you really should ask yourself.

The first one is to assess where do you both live and whether it is actually feasible for you two to become a couple. More importantly, are you prepared to be patient? Long distance relationships aren’t the easiest, especially when you have only spent a minimal amount of time together in an idyllic setting and away from reality.

It is obviously always difficult to know how any relationship will pan out and it is always a bit complicated to get through the different stages when the best conditions are met so before you embark on the journey, you will need to be very honest with each other and even more so, with yourselves.

Was it ‘beer/ prosecco goggles’ or is there an actual intensity of feelings and emotions? (Notice I haven’t called it love just yet….) Is it more than lust? Do you have a similar vision in life and some shared goals? How comfortable do you feel with one another, do you have similar interests but more importantly, are you both prepared to take it seriously?

It might seem a bit quick to have this kind of deep conversation but if you want to save yourself some heartache or wasting your time, then it needs to happen.

Communication will need to be regular (from both sides) but to be honest, the first month back home will bring you back to reality and you will soon find out whether the interest wanes or if it remains the same.

The truth is that some relationships will work and some won’t. You have no way of knowing which way it will go, you can prepare and create the best conditions for success but you will both have to want the same thing and ultimately, you cannot control the outcome so my best advice would be to not overthink it and just enjoy it….

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