The Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rush Into Another Relationship

enjoy the single life instead of rushing into another relationshipOne of the most common mistakes people make when they find themselves single again is to rush into another relationship. We are not talking about the rebound effect here but just the sheer emergency some individuals find in trying to recreate what they feel they have lost.

Freud wrote that ‘falling in love is a substitute for personal accomplishment’. Unfortunately, some people feel incomplete and unworthy unless they have someone by their side, as it gives them a sense of worth. However, having a companion that is ill suited will lead to more heartache.

People attract the wrong person into their lives instead of taking the time to look at themselves, their own set of values and vision. By truly knowing yourself, what matters to you the most and the direction you want your life to take, it will give you a good idea of all the qualities you need and should look for in a partner.

We are not talking about a checklist about looks/ job/ money/ frivolous matters here but the deeper stuff that really connects two people together and ensure they have the same priorities. This will contribute to a relationship that has got the potential to last longer because the foundations are right. Whilst compromise is important and will always form one of the main traits of a partnership, it is essential both parties are honest to themselves and to one another about what they want.

So if you are newly single, don’t sell yourself short, take a bit of time out, make new friends, expand your horizons and enjoy life! Love yourself, reflect and be confident about what you want. You will then attract the right person to come along…


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