How to Spring Clean your Life & Relationships

For most of us, the arrival of spring heralds new beginnings and after months of ‘hibernation’, we feel ready to come out more and be alive again. The sun is shining, we feel the promise of better times ahead so we are more inclined to go out, be active and properly get ready for the months ahead. The tradition of spring cleaning originally comes from dusting off winter but is now really more about getting the home in order before the good weather properly starts. So in the same way that you might spring clean your home, have you ever thought of spring cleaning your life and your relationships?

In a way, it’s a bit like everything else, we should really assess our needs every now and again so this is probably a good time to do it. Why should you? I think the best way to explain it is to use the analogy of your wardrobe:  if it’s full of stuff that you don’t like anymore (or actually didn’t really like in the first place), stuff that’s old and worn out, doesn’t fit or suit you, or that you just never wear, would you leave it in there? Probably not… You would think about certain things and give them a second chance, others would end up in a bag to be given to charity and the rest would probably land in the bin. So if you are doing it in your wardrobe, it makes sense to do it for all of the other aspects of your life. After all, by removing the old, you are making room and allowing for the new to come in…

Everything needs a bit of a freshen up at times and that is particularly true of our relationships. As we evolve, so do our partners, friends, etc… So it’s important to check that we are still on the same page and re-align if we’re not. Like your favourite items of clothing, you need to not take them for granted and make sure they are well looked after.

So in exactly the same way that you would spring clean your home, you can divide everything into 3 categories: keep as it, assess and sort out/ repair/ give a second chance or throw away… And before you declutter your life, you will have to be extremely honest with yourself and answer some difficult questions. This is a non-exhaustive list that will give you a starting point:

  • Whose company do you enjoy?
  • What/ Who drags you down?
  • Who haven’t you seen in a while?
  • What/ Who are you always making an effort with?
  • What/ Who is it a chore to see?
  • What/ Who is holding you back

We often force ourselves to do certain things and really, we ought to have more self-care. If something or someone doesn’t make you happy, why keep on? Tidying up your life in the same way that you tidy up your home will allow you to have more clarity and more happiness, so once you have the answers, you can start to make some changes. This isn’t necessarily about throwing long-term relationships down the pan but addressing issues you would potentially otherwise ignore. If your favourite garment was damaged, you would probably try to repair it. It may be beyond repair but by checking regularly, you have more chances to put things right than to throw them away.

So take a bit of time out this spring and start to deep clean your life, it will give you satisfaction and serve you well for a very long time…

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