And what have YOU got to offer?

And what have YOU got to offer?

There are quite a few reasons as to why people struggle to find the right partner and one of the main mistakes they make is their checklist. I don’t mean this in the sense that you would expect by the way, it is not because they are restricting themselves and therefore nobody fits the bill. What I mean is that everybody is so busy worrying about what they want that they forget to actually show anyone what they have to give.

Just scroll through the profiles on any page of any online dating sites, regardless of age, gender, affinity, country, etc… and have a little read. You will find a number of people demanding what they want their perfect partner to be and ‘it’s all about me, me, me’… If you are one of these people, don’t worry yourself too much. Whether it is on your profile or not, most of us will actually unconsciously do this and it is actually quite a normal behaviour as it is just a part of human nature. But please stop for a moment and think.

Before you demand what you want in another person, what have you got to offer them? What are your qualities and quirks? Why should they pick you instead of someone else? When we read a profile or meet people in general, we ‘qualify’ them in our minds as a potential match or not. Change the way that’s done! Don’t let them tick the boxes corresponding to what you want, let them tick the boxes of what they like in you and how well suited they think you would be.

After all, who are you to judge why they should fit your list, fit theirs instead! Not only does this give a very different message subconsciously, it will make you distinctively stand out from the crowd.


Are you attracting all the wrong types or no one at all? Are you struggling to meet ‘the one’? The dating roller coaster of emotions can be quite draining… And if you’re serious about meeting somebody, quite disheartening too.

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