Understanding Grief

Grief is something very personal and there isn’t really a rule book as to how it works, even though we often wish there was when we’re going through it. Grief […]

Are Your Resolutions On Track?

The problem with resolutions is that we set ourselves some mad objectives that are, more often than not, quite unrealistic. And unfortunately, in most cases we won’t get the result […]

You. This time next year…

The beginning of a new year often makes us re-assess. We look over everything that happened (or didn’t happen) over the previous 12 months, which often pushes us to want […]

Dealing with Rejection

Most of us don’t like rejection. Being rejected, in any sense, upsets us and makes us feel bad, even when it’s something trivial. We know that everything isn’t always going […]

How to Change Your Life

At certain times in our lives, we can find ourselves questioning everything. We feel dissatisfied, we might believe there are things that we have given up on, that something (or […]

Not Feeling Good Enough?

I think it’s fair to say it’s something that probably happens to the best of us from time to time but you need to know that there are actually two […]

How to Bring More Happiness to Your Life

It was International Happiness Day recently so it seems quite fitting to share a few tips on how to bring more joy into your life. We sometimes forget that happiness […]

Are You Suffering from the New Year Blues?

Christmas is over, the holidays are done and dusted, and you’re back at work. You’ve spent too much money, you’re already wondering how on earth you are going to keep […]


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