Is Online Dating for You?

is online dating for youDespite the bad press online dating sometimes receives, it is probably the easiest way nowadays to access a database of single people from the comfort of your own sofa.

When it first came about, it was deemed as very controversial and few people would actually admit to it. It was even rare to upload a photo in case someone recognised you so any pictures would be sent once contact with a potential suitor had been made.

I may have become despondent to it over time and I certainly haven’t got any real horror stories to tell but it isn’t for me.

Some of the profiles are extremely boring and uninspiring. Others can be quite interesting but you then have to wait for people to check your profile and decide whether they like the look of you as opposed to just being polite and respond. It seems to just be a tick the box exercise and I find the whole experience so shallow…

Searching the online ‘meat market’ can be quite a daunting and deeply unnerving experience. I would even say it isn’t very good for the soul, as people simply judge you on a couple of photographs and a few words about yourself – possibly damaging to your self confidence if you are genuinely looking to make a deeper connection with someone.

I have come to the conclusion that I much prefer to meet people face to face. That way, you know straight away if there is an element of chemistry between you and I have found I really do not like the way profiles are supposedly ‘matched’. As I also once found out, you can grow to love someone you would have probably dismissed because they are, for instance, a few years older than your search criteria.

As previously said, it certainly works for some – very close friends of mine are getting married later on this week and met online. I would be interested to know what you think about it?


Are you attracting all the wrong types or no one at all? Are you struggling to meet ‘the one’? The dating roller coaster of emotions can be quite draining… And if you’re serious about meeting somebody, quite disheartening too.

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