Does a New Year Mean a New You?

New Year New You?

New Year celebrations symbolize new beginnings which is why so many people decide to make resolutions to change the aspects of their lives they aren’t completely happy with. These promises normally do not last very long as the level of commitment required can be excessive and literally too much too quickly. When this happens, it can leave us feeling down and empty as we see it as a failure.

The truth is, why does a new year have to mean you have to change and a New You? What was actually so wrong with the Old You?

In a world where the level of expectations in our personal lives or at work is constantly raised, maybe we should look at things differently? It should be an opportunity to actually reflect on what we have achieved in the past year and what we could have been done better instead of beating ourselves up for not having done this or that. We should also look at where our focus should go for the following few months.

This will remove the elements of success and failure that come with keeping a resolution and will allow us to constructively achieve more. It also keeps the mind on track in a positive manner.

This is especially true if you are single. A New Year resolution stating that ‘this year is the year I will find someone’ can frustratingly lead to all sorts of problems. You will either be so intent on success that you’ll pretty much settle with anyone and for a time anyway, turn all their bad points into positives – I have seen that happen soooo many times…- or you just will not find anyone that fits the bill despite your best efforts. In both cases,  you will end up deflated and feeling worse than you did to start off with.

So here is my challenge to you for this New Year:

  • If you must have a resolution, you can only have one and it must be HAPPINESS.
  • Only focus on meeting as many new people as possible as opposed to ‘The One’ and enjoy the process. Without putting pressure on yourself, you are more likely to succeed.

So forget your normal resolutions this year, just pat yourself on the back for everything you have achieved so far and just work out where you would like to be next New Year’s Eve, what would make you look back and say ‘Wow, that was a good year!’.

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