Single and Dreading Valentines Day? Don’t…

There is something about Valentines Day that brings dread amongst many single people but it really shouldn’t. Unfortunately, the actual day (and the lead up to it) targets what we socially see as ‘happy couples’. This can trigger negative feelings in those who don’t find themselves in that situation.

Whilst we all know it, it is worth remembering that it is mainly a commercial exercise designed to make people spend a lot of money to supposedly show their love. I personally would prefer to get nothing on Valentines Day and feel love / receive little sweet tokens of affection throughout the year. They say actions speak louder than words but the biggest cards, bouquets of flowers, balloons and chocolates will not make up for not paying attention to a partner the rest of the time.

So if you are single and feeling sad about being on your own on Valentines Day, just spare a thought for those who are one half of a ‘happy couple’ and long to be in your shoes… More people than you realise are not happy in their relationship and would leave if circumstances were perhaps different. If you actually start thinking about it, you will see that you encounter many of these individuals on a regular basis.

The answer is for you to enjoy this time and remember to love yourself – this is the perfect opportunity to buy what you would want as a present or a treat (instead of getting a teddy bear that will only end up in the cupboard)… After all, you are not spending the money on anybody else so buy yourself something nice! Pubs, restaurants and other venues like to put on singles events around now so check what’s available to you locally, go out, meet new people and have fun! Who knows who you will end up bumping into…


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