It’s fair to say that we all want to be loved… Being single is good sometimes too but there is often a point where we crave the right relationship and want to meet that one person that is our other half and perfect for us. The missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle that makes us feel complete. Our soulmate. The One.

We all know what is meant by the term ‘soulmate’ but we actually all have our own definition. For some of us, it is the person that we will be with forever. For others, it is someone they believe they met in a previous life and who are now reunited.

Soulmates often connect pretty instantly and have a higher level of communication. One of the key aspects is that they aren’t afraid to open themselves up totally, as they subconsciously know that the other person gets them completely. They know they have a partner for life, complete each other and have mutual feelings of trust, understanding and respect.

Meeting your soulmate is not normally something you can prepare yourself for and it can’t be forced either. It literally just happens and you may not even realise it at the time. It is just that weird feeling that the other person totally gets you, like they already know you… You have so much in common and resonate with each other’s beliefs and ideas as well as sharing the same life goals. It isn’t about being the same but certainly looking in the same direction and being able to grow together. You don’t always need to talk, you just feel each other.

So how would you know if you have met your soulmate? Well to be honest, you just know… Because you just know that what you both have doesn’t come along very often, if at all, and you both recognise it pretty early on. Unfortunately, we won’t all be blessed with meeting our soulmate and at times, we may even kid ourselves that we have when we haven’t really. But for those of us lucky enough to experience it, you do really just know… You can hear their thoughts without them being voiced, you can read between the lines because you can feel and sense the other person, even when they’re not physically in the same place as you. You genuinely feel their pain and naturally know how to comfort them. You let go of everything, all of your expectations and give yourself over totally.

You know each other’s flaws and how they aren’t really flaws but quirks that you can both use to your advantages. Soulmates aren’t afraid to talk about anything to one another as they know they might have different opinions but that they are equally respected. It is through the ability to talk about anything that they can compromise a little bit more easily as they always want to put the other person first and make them happy. They also know to apologise if they are in the wrong as opposed to trying to be right and trying to score points. It really is the ideal relationship and people who find each other in that way are very lucky indeed. Whilst all relationships require work, it is so much easier when you have found the right person.

Knowing that someone is the one and only person for you, knowing that they feel the same way and that you totally complete each other is quite simply the best feeling in the world.

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