Are Arguments Healthy in Relationships?

There is a common saying that arguments are healthy for a relationship but I personally think that, what it really means is that communication is essential. As for the actual […]

Do Holiday Romances Ever Last?

A lot of people feel that holiday romances are a bit of fun and good for the soul. They are often unexpected because of their very nature, but it’s nice […]

The Importance of Being Happy Single

Some single people are very happy on their own and not really interested in meeting anyone… But a lot of others long to share their lives with someone special. Interestingly […]

Are You Looking for the Right Partner?

When a single person decides they want to meet someone, they are often asked what they are looking for and in general, their answer will be around looks, intelligence, sense […]

Are You Ready to Move On?

When a relationship ends, we can sometimes be too quick to move on. Unfortunately, doing so will often trigger all sorts of future unhealthy patterns of behaviour, and whilst all […]

Is There a Point to Valentines Day?

For many people, Valentines Day is an important date because it represents love and romance, and despite the fact many would say it’s too commercial, most would also probably get […]

Need A Little Patience?

Ever been in a traffic jam that’s really not convenient? Someone really pushing your buttons in that way? It happens to the best of us from time to time and […]

Do You Expect Too Much from People?

We are all too often guilty of setting very high expectations for ourselves… But are we expecting too much from others too? The answer is that yes, you probably do. […]

Is It Too Late to Reconcile?

Relationships naturally go through highs and lows. Unfortunately, there are times when the lows become a recurrent and constant occurrence. Often, when cracks start to appear, they are either ignored […]

How to Get the Perfect Relationship

We all want to get our own way. We would like to have it all, our dreams, wishes, a career we love… But for most of us, what we desire […]


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